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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

      The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute receives numerous emails every day. On this webpage you will find a small sample of these unsolicited personal letters linking vaccines to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This webpage also includes an excerpt on SIDS from the U.S. Congressional records. We also recommend the Free SIDS Report on vaccines and Sudden Death. It includes numerous studies and other documentaion confirming a link between vaccines and infant fatalities. Be sure to read the most recent reader emails as well, which include numerous vaccine questions, comments, concerns, and unsolicited personal stories.

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Personal Stories

      I am writing this to share my story of the effects vaccinations have had on my children. First, I would like to start off with my 3 living children. My son and my daughter both had reactions to DTaP on 2 occasions. I was told the first time that their reactions had nothing to do with the shots, so I allowed further vaccines. Upon recieving the 4th dose of DTaP, both of them had swollen, red, hard, and hot legs, and both were blistered at the sight of injection. I became very concerned at this point, but was told it was a minor reaction.

Less then a year later, I delivered my 4th child, a daughter. I noticed that anytime she was vaccinated she would spike a fever of 104.2F and had respiratory problems. Again, I was told this had nothing to do with the shots. I then read a vaccine book and this raised my concerns for my children when they were due to have more vaccines. I decided against further immunizations for my kids. My son is now going into kindergarten and I knew a requirement was that he have boosters. I attained a religious exemption form to avoid the shots and will do so for my girls as well.

Since the reactions of my children, I have been seeking more information about adverse effects of vaccines. On August 29, after an argument with my childrens' pediatrician about this subject, I came home and found your website. As I was looking through, I found where you linked SIDS with the DTaP. This is where my story becomes devastating. I had a child die of SIDS. After reading your information, I dug out his shot records and baby book only to find that he had the DTaP just 3 weeks prior to his death, and during those 3 weeks, my records show that I had him to the pediatrician 4 times for respiratory infection and 2 times to the emergency room for respiratory distress related to the "diagnosed" upper respiratory infections. These symptoms began within 2 days after the administration of the shot! [My son] was last seen in the E.R. for this reason. He died on November 1 of SIDS. I am convinced after my research that the DTaP is responsible for his death. Furthermore, the 3 precious children I have left will not recieve another vaccine!

I am grieving the loss of my son all over again, but I thank you because without having read your information I would have never known the link between vaccines and SIDS or any of the other new information I have learned, and could have been persuaded to continue to vaccinate the others. I am thankful for your insights, and am relieved to have the confusion of vaccinating over. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that shots are not for my family, and not in their best interests. I have also concluded that the medical business is one big industry, a vicious cycle, to be blunt, a cycle to keep bringing in business by injecting heathy children with germs and toxic additives so that a percentage of them can come back and rack up more expense in X amount of years with cancers, immune disease etc. I also question now the diagnosis of my [first] son. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, and has consistent behavior problems. I will continue to search your sight, as well as others, to find the answers. If you have any statistics or ideas, I would appreciate that input. Again, thank you for your release of knowledge.

      Our beautiful daughter was born on February 14 and died on April 17. What was unusual was that earlier on the day she died I had taken her to the Military Base hospital for her two month checkup. The doctor told me that she was just perfect. Then the doctor said that she needed four shots. I replied Four!? She assured me that it was completely normal and that it was better to give her all at such an early age (because she wouldn't remember the shots). That evening after feeding [our daughter] we laid her down to sleep and checked on her 45 minutes later and discovered her dead. I told the police, coroner and investigators that I thought it was the shots because she was perfectly fine that day and before the shots. But after 3 weeks we finally got the answer from the autopsy that it was indeed SIDS. To this day I believe that it was the shots and no one can convince me otherwise.

Dear Thinktwice,
On July 1, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after a normal 41-week pregnancy. She weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was very healthy. We named her Taylor Brynn Alexander. On November 8, I took Taylor to the doctor for her second series of shots. The doctor said she was a very big, healthy girl, and that her mobility was that of a six month old. They then gave Taylor the vaccinations required for a 4 month old. Taylor screamed terribly. The shot made her bleed so much that I had to change her diaper because the blood ran down her leg. I held her closely and got her calmed down. We then left. We had a 45-minute drive home. She went to sleep right after we got into the car. I watched her carefully because she had taken a few deep sighs in her sleep. There were a few times when I could not see her breath, so I put my hand on her chest and could feel her heart beating faintly. This concerned me but I thought I was just being paranoid because of my concern about giving her these shots. I had always been worried when any of the kids had received their shots because I heard of some terrible reactions. After Taylor had her first series of shots I questioned the doctor in depth about them. She informed me that babies run a much higher risk of complications and even death if they do not receive vaccinations than if they do. I asked her if she ever had anyone have problems after receiving these shots. She told me she had one case of SIDS pending; however, she did not see the connection between the SIDS and the shots. She said that the baby died 7 days after receiving the shots and that she didn't believe it was the shots that caused his death.

When I got Taylor home that afternoon she just wanted to be held, and she slept a lot. That evening she was unusually fussy. Taylor woke up in the middle of the night with an unusually loud cry. She always slept with my husband and I ever since she was born, and never woke up like that before. She was all sweaty, and she had urinated so much that I had to change all of her clothes. I nursed her and held her closely and she went back to sleep.

I began noticing changes in Taylor. She wasn't as determined as she used to be. She didn't like being in her walker anymore. She didn't try to sit straight up like she used to when you held her. She didn't want her pacifier anymore. When I did try to give it to her she gagged. When I held her up on my shoulder and rocked her she would just lay her head on my shoulder and stare. This was really unusual because the only time Taylor was still like that was when she was nursing or asleep. On Monday, November 14, I was at work when I received a call from my babysitter that Taylor had quit breathing and to hurry up and get home. I was only a couple of minutes away, but it felt like it took hours to get there. I ran in the door and grabbed my limp baby from the arms of her babysitter and immediately laid her on the couch and gave her mouth to mouth. Within a few moments the emergency squad got there and transported her to the hospital. I followed in my car and called my husband from our car phone. I never stopped praying until they came out and told us there wasn't anything they could have done for her. They started to tell me about SIDS but I didn't want to hear anything they wanted to say. I just wanted to hold my baby girl one more time. There she was, lying there with just a blanket around her looking as if she were sleeping, other than her blue lips. I held her, sobbed, and prayed to God to please take good care of her until I come home to be with her.

I had heard of SIDS before, but the only thing that kept going through my mind was the case of SIDS that Taylor's doctor told me about, which was one week after he received his shots. I couldn't accept that my beautiful healthy baby just quit breathing for no reason one day, no matter what rationalization was being told to me. On November 29, I questioned Taylor's doctor about her death. She didn't feel there was any connection between Taylor's death and the shots. She said that SIDS was very rare and they just don't know what causes it. She said this was only the third case she had seen during her medical career, and that they have given shots to many babies. I still believed there was some connection, but everywhere I turned I was told the opposite. I tried researching SIDS but found no answers. Then I decided to research vaccines and found your book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? and another book by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher, DPT: A Shot in the Dark. I believe I finally found the truth after reading these two books. It hurt so much to realize that I held Taylor on my lap while the medical profession shot her with these poisons which slowly killed her. I am so angry at the deception and lies concerning this. I feel like I need to do something to avoid this from happening to someone else, and for the precious memory of my beautiful baby girl. I am hoping you can lead me to something which I can do to help prevent this from ever happening again. I just wish someone had lead me to your book prior to Taylor's vaccinations, or that the doctor would have painted an honest picture concerning the reality of vaccinations. It is so hard to live with the truth after it is too late, especially when you are the one who took her [to the doctor], in the faith that you were protecting the precious gift God gave you, and you find out later that you did just the opposite. I hope you will respond to me with some paths to take. I will not sit back and do nothing, but I am in desperate need of some guidance. Thank you for your time and for the truth.

Dear Thinktwice,
I read your book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? I hope and plead that you might have some answers for me or recommend what I might be able to do or whom to speak to. Let me start by telling you a little about me and why I am writing you. I am 23 years old, married, with NOW only one son, Michael, who is 27 months old. Michael was 5 months old when I got pregnant with my second son, Jonathan. I went to the local health department to get Michael his 2nd series of shots. At that time Jonathan was only 6 weeks old. The only shot he had ever received was the hepatitis B that they gave him at the hospital at two days old. When I got to the health department, the nurse gave Michael his DPT and MMR shots, and said she should go ahead and give Jonathan his other shots while he was there. I said that I thought he was too young and that he had a runny nose, and I would make a separate appointment for him, but she insisted that he have them. So he got DPT, HIB, hepatitis B, and polio, which personally I think is a lot of shots to give a 6 week old infant. She was very rough with both my children and they both screamed so much at the time of the injections that I almost started to cry. After a few minutes Michael stopped crying, but Jonathan took about 15 to 20 minutes to stop crying. He finally fell asleep in the truck on the way home. As soon as we got home and I took him out of his car seat he started screaming again. This time it was very, very high pitched, and I tried everything to get him to stop crying but nothing seemed to work. I put him in his swing and after about two hours he fell asleep again. I called a service we have called Ask-A-Nurse. The nurse advised me that if the crying started again and lasted two or more hours to take him to the Emergency Room. Besides the crying, his leg was swollen and red. If you tried to touch his toes or anything pertaining to his left leg (the leg that had the injection) he would start crying again. Well, six days later, December 15, Jonathan died in his sleep. He had been a very healthy child and not a bit of trouble, a good baby. The medical examiner told me that Jonathan died of SIDS, but I don't believe that and I never will. I've tried talking to [authorities], but no one seems to care. To them Jonathan was just a number. To me he is life. I won't take up any more of your time, but if you have any suggestions please write and let me know. Thank you so much for your time and understanding.

      My fiance recently took our son Christian for his 2-month checkup on March 4. He received three vaccines that day: DTaP, IPV (inactivated polio) and Hib. [Actually, he received 5 vaccines that day because DTaP is 3-in-one.] That night he was very fussy, wouldn't take his bottle and cried all night. Christian usually would go back to sleep in the middle of the night after he ate, but this night was different. It was so bad, I stayed home from work to be with him. I didn't think anything of it due to the fact he was colic.

March 7th, I took him to his doctor because he had conjunctivitis and they gave him a routine checkup. The next two nights he wouldn't sleep much and was a little fussy, but not as bad as when he first got the vaccines. Saturday night, March 8th, I put my baby down to sleep around 12:45am. Christian woke up around 6am. His daddy tried to feed him but he wouldn't take his bottle; all he did was cry. Finally, Christian fell asleep from exhaustion.

Around 9:30am I woke up and grabbed my baby -- he was all blue. He died in his sleep. He was rushed to the hospital in a matter of minutes. They worked on him for about a half hour and there was nothing they could do. My angel was gone. The doctors said they believed it was a case of SIDS. His tissues are still under investigation for the next 6 weeks. I really believe his death had something to do with the vaccines.

      Thank you for your informative website. My eight-week-old daughter is scheduled to get her first dose of vaccines next week, but this website has helped change my mind. I didn't feel she should receive her first dose of the Hep B vaccine when she was one day old and I refused to let them give it to her despite the pressure by hospital staff. I have been to the funeral of a baby who supposedly died of SIDS. The mother swears it was from vaccinations because her daughter had been vaccinated 3 days before and had a hugely swollen leg and was throwing up after receiving the shots. Seeing the baby girl lying dead in her bassinet at the funeral, I can't bring myself to put my own daughter at risk. Only after becoming a parent can I begin to understand the pain that so many of these families hurt by vaccinations are going through. I have a horrible feeling about having my daughter vaccinated, and after seeing this website and a little girl lying cold and still I refuse to put my baby in danger. I hope more parents listen to their instincts. Thank you!

      I have a neighbor that just lost her 4-month-old baby. She had shots on a Friday and the baby cried constantly for two days. Then, on Sunday morning, she found her baby dead with a foamy mouth and blood coming from her ears. Can this occur with a vaccine reaction? They tried telling her it was SIDS, but I have never heard of bleeding with SIDS.


The following excerpt is from a statement made by a distraught grandmother testifying before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, regarding vaccine injury compensation:

"My name is Donna Gary. I am a constituent of Senator Kennedy's from Massachusetts. Our family should have celebrated our very first granddaughter's first birthday last month. Instead, we will commemorate the anniversary of her death at the end of this month.

"Our granddaughter, Lee Ann, was just 8 weeks old when her mother took her to the doctor for her routine checkup. That included, of course, her first DPT inoculation and oral polio vaccine. "In all her entire 8 weeks of life this lovable, extremely alert baby had never produced such a blood-curdling scream as she did at the moment the shot was given. Neither had her mother ever before seen her back arch as it did while she screamed. She was inconsolable. Even her daddy could not understand Lee Ann's uncharacteristic screaming and crying.

"Four hours later Lee Ann was dead. 'Crib death,' the doctor said -- 'SIDS.' 'Could it be connected to the shot?' her parents implored.' 'No.' 'But she just had her first DPT shot this afternoon. Could there possibly be any connection to it?' 'No, no connection at all,' the emergency room doctor said definitely.

"My husband and I hurried to the hospital the following morning after Lee Ann's death to talk with the pathologist before the autopsy. We wanted to make sure he was alerted to her DPT inoculation such a short time before her death -- just in case there was something else he could look for to make the connection. He was unavailable to talk with us. We waited two-and-a-half hours. Finally, we got to talk to another doctor after the autopsy had been completed. He said it was 'SIDS.'

"In the months before Lee Ann was born I regularly checked with a friend as to the state of her grandchild's condition. He is nearly a year-and-a-half older than Lee Ann. On his first DPT shot he passed out cold for 15 minutes, right in the pediatrician's office. 'Normal reaction for some children,' the pediatrician reassured. The parents were scared, but they knew what a fine doctor they had. They trusted his judgment.

"When it was time for the second shot they asked 'Are you sure it's all right? Is it really necessary?' Their pediatrician again reassured them. He told them how awful it was to experience, as he had, one of his infant patient's bout with whooping cough. That baby had died.

"They gave him his second DPT shot that day. He became brain-damaged.

"This past week I had an opportunity to read through printed copies of the hearings of this committee. I am dismayed to learn that this same talk has been going on for years, and nothing has seemed to progress to incorporate what seems so obvious and necessary to keep from destroying any more babies, and to compensate financially those who have already been damaged for life.

"How accurate are our statistics on adverse reactions to vaccines when parents have been told, are still being told, 'No connection to the shot, no connection at all?'

"What about the mother I have recently talked with who has a 4-year-old brain-damaged son? On all three of his DPT shots he had a convulsion in the presence of the pediatrician. 'No connection,' the pediatrician assured.

"I talked with a father in a town adjoining ours whose son died at the age of 9 weeks, several months before our own granddaughter's death. It was the day after his DPT inoculation. 'SIDS' is the statement on the death certificate.

"Are the statistics that the medical world loves to quote to say, 'There is no connection,' really accurate, or are they based on poor diagnoses, poor recordkeeping? What is being done to provide a safer vaccine? Who is overseeing? Will it be the same scientists and doctors who have been overseeing in the past? How much longer does the public have to wait? How are physicians and clinics going to be held accountable to see that parents are informed of the possible reactions? And how are those children who should not receive the vaccine to be identified before they are damaged -- or dead?

"Today is the National Day of Prayer. My prayer is that this committee be instrumental in doing what needs to be done -- and soon. May there not be yet another year pass by with more children afflicted, and some dead, because those who can do so refuse to 'make the right connection.'"(5)

Excerpted from:
Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?
by Neil Z. Miller

ISBN: 978-188121730-5
Price: $12.95

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