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Frequently Asked Questions

      Many of the emails and telephone calls that we receive discuss common concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and our responses.

400 Critical Vaccine Studies

1. Our pediatrician won't treat our non-vaccinated child. Do you have a list of open-minded doctors?

Sample Letter:
When I told my doctor that I am not going to have my children vaccinated, he (she) became very angry and said he will not treat them, and that I am no longer welcome in his office. Do you have a list of doctors in my area who will respect my decision to not vaccinate and still treat my children? [More Sample Letters]

Your situation is not uncommon. Many pediatricians refuse to treat children when their parents object to vaccines. This is just one tactic that doctors employ in an effort to intimidate moms and dads into vaccinating against their will. You should be thankful that this dysfunctional relationship with your health practitioner has been terminated.

I'm sorry, but we do not maintain a directory of "sympathetic" pediatricians and are unaware of any such list. You might try searching for a naturopathic physician. They are more likely to respect your decisions. Realize that children are not required to receive vaccines until they enter daycare or school and, at that time, you may have a legal right to exempt them from the shots. Acquire a copy of your state vaccine laws. These are available online or from your local library. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated and coerced by doctors. Read, study, become informed, and remain firm regarding your healthcare decisions.

2. Are vaccines mandatory?

Vaccines are usually NOT mandatory. Visit our section on Immunization Laws for clarification regarding your legal rights and options.

3. Doctors claim that my non-vaccinated child will spread disease. As a result, some parents of vaccinated children won't let their kids come near or play with my children. What can I do?

Sample Letter:
My daughter never had a vaccination. I have recently been informed by my brother's wife that she feels my daughter is a danger to her 2-month-old son, and does not want her around for the first 18 months of his life. Her pediatrician told her that my daughter was a "disease carrier" and could give it to anyone around her.

Some doctors will say anything to compel parents to vaccinate, even if it doesn't make sense or is an outright lie. They spread this misinformation to make parents like you feel guilty, and to create tension between parents of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. It is a ploy to coerce you into vaccinating your child. How could your non-vaccinated child be a danger to the vaccinated child? If vaccines are effective, then the baby should be protected.

Actually, vaccinated children spread disease. For example, a recent study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases found that measles can be spread from fully vaccinated people to other fully vaccinated people. Even vaccine manufacturers admit in their product inserts that recently vaccinated children can shed the disease for weeks and should avoid young children and anyone with a compromised immune system. For example, read the chickenpox vaccine insert [page 3, section 5.4].

Another recent study published in BMC Medicine found that people who are vaccinated against pertussis can spread the disease, making herd immunity and eradication unattainable. For more information explaining how pertussis microorganisms are mutating to evade the vaccine, and how vaccinated populations can spread disease, read the following article: Pertussis Peggy and Whooping Wally.

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