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Multiple Vaccines
(Several Shots Given Simultaneously)

      Many of the letters and telephone calls that we receive from concerned parents indicate that multiple vaccines -- several shots administered at once -- are responsible for a large percentage of serious adverse vaccine reactions. In fact, there are no valid scientific studies -- NONE -- to support the safety of giving several vaccines at the same time. Vaccines are administered simultaneously for convenience, not safety, because medical policymakers realize that "the number of visits to a healthcare provider [for vaccines] is an impediment" to receiving all of the recommended shots.

The following stories of vaccine damage were unsolicited. These children were seriously harmed after receiving multiple shots. This website also contains a collection of recent letters from concerned parents, more personal stories of vaccine damage, a free video on overdosed babies, and data showing correlations between vaccines and SIDS.

Last week, my 5-year-old daughter received DTaP, MMR, IPV (inactivated polio) and chickenpox vaccines. Two days later she had at least two complex partial seizures (staring, pupils not contracting when a flashlight was shone into her eyes, non-responsive; during the second one she was asleep but fingers of both hands were twitching rhythmically). She was hospitalized and recovered the same day although she had to stay there for two days for observations. The pediatrician, as well as the hospital doctors, dismissed our concern that the vaccines could have been the cause.

A day or so after returning from the hospital my daughter had high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. We were told she had picked up a stomach bug at the hospital. Fortunately, she did not have any more seizures even when her temperature was nearly 105. She is recovering now and seems normal, able to read and do arithmetic (she is a gifted child). However, our research regarding vaccines has us very worried. How can we find out if: a) there are long-term neurological problems possible even after full recovery, b) whether alternative medicine can help alleviate further problems from vaccines? Thank you for being a great resource.

Your child received a combination of 8 powerful drugs simultaneously. Each drug contains disease matter (bacteria and viruses), in addition to toxic stabilizers and preservative, such as thimerosal (a mercury derivative). I would be surprised if she did NOT have a serious reaction.

Doctors lie about vaccine reactions. They conspire to deceive parents about the true cause of their child's life-threatening condition. Your child had diarrhea and was vomiting more likely in an effort to expel the poisonous matter from her body, not because she contracted a "stomach bug" at the hospital. You must report this serious reaction to the FDA and CDC by way of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) at 1-800-822-7967.

Your child may or may not have permanent damage -- physical, mental, autoimmune or neurological. You won't be able to know unless she begins to show symptoms such as a loss of motor skills and/or learning disabilities.

Your second question greatly concerns me. I am not sure if you are asking for an alternative to vaccines, or for some alternative options to be given before or after you permit your child to be poisoned again. We are always amazed at mothers who watch their babies experience a nearly fatal reaction to vaccines, then permit doctors to administer more of the same. We have also been informed of permanent brain damage and death following a 2nd or 3rd set of shots, often in children who reacted severely to an earlier series of shots.

Our website lists several individuals and organizations who claim to have some success flushing toxic substances out of the child's system and reversing vaccine damage. You may wish to educate yourself further on the risks associated with vaccines and investigate some of these resources. Best wishes.

I am the mother of a 2-year-old with autism. His symptoms began almost immediately following his series of immunizations at 14 months (9 diseases were introduced into his tiny body that day -- measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, varicella, and Hib). Our lives have literally been turned upside down by the fact that our son who was healthy previous to his immunizations now has asthma, celiac disease, and autism. As soon as his first diagnosis was handed down I hit the internet looking for any information on this disease, and what I could do to help him. So far, he is in occupational, speech, and toddler play group therapy. Next week he begins music therapy, and the following week he will start behavioral therapy.

My son has chronic vomiting and diarrhea that are attributable to his celiac disease (vomiting up to five days a week, often more than once a day), and has regressed in his development. He lost the use of language. Last weekend I heard the word "Mama" for the first time in nine months! And I ache for my husband who hasn't heard "Daddy" from his little boy in a year. I am infuriated at the medical establishment for what they have done to my son, especially because there is little way to prove what is obvious. They can always claim that my son's autism was inborn, though he developed NORMALLY for the first 14 months of life!

My son had had pink eye at the time of his immunizations. Yet when I asked if the warning in fine print on the "information" sheet about immunocompromised individuals applied to my son, as he had just recovered from an ear infection and currently had pink eye, I was told this referred to people with cancer and the elderly. I have since learned otherwise. Immunocompromised means that your immune system is not operating at peak efficiency, i.e. you are sick. Pink eye is not life threatening, but it indicated that his immune system was not up to normal capacity and he was still recovering. Upon having obtained his medical records from the pediatrician (not without some hassle -- "Why do you want his records?" "Never mind, it's my right to see them." "Well, it takes 5 to 7 working days to photocopy, and no you can't see them now."), I see a note from the nurse practitioner who saw him two weeks previous to his immunizations for said ear infection. She wrote in capital letters that I had REFUSED to give him his 12-month immunizations, but said I would have them done at his already scheduled appointment in two weeks. My reason at the time was that he was already suffering with the ear infection and I didn't want to give him anything else to have to fight off. If only I had known how right my intuition was.

Something in the back of my mind had always bothered me about immunizations, and not the fact that I hate to see my kids cry, because I know the pain of an injection is momentary and I supposed that the benefits would be worth the momentary pain. Rather, I just didn't feel they were safe. Even operating under their assumption of "one in a million" have complications, if we vaccinate a million children a day (a number from the air) then one child a day is having complications. What if mine was that one?

I refused to allow the Hep B vaccine to be administered to my children as I lay on the delivery table, which is when they wanted to do it! Both times I simply felt that their bodies were too new to be meddling with them. What if they had weak constitutions and "caught everything that came around." We wouldn't know it yet, as they were only minutes old, and I wouldn't want to expose such a child to that disease so early. Yet, I didn't follow up on my initial instincts with research into immunizations. Not until it was too late. I tried to refuse his two-month immunizations as I just had a funny feeling and wanted to research it first. They badgered me into it. I'd like to know how they thought he was going to get Hep B or diphtheria as he was neither sexually active (isn't that the main source of Hep B?) nor living in squalor (I may not be Martha Stewart, but my home is sanitary!). After allowing his earlier immunizations, it seemed silly not to allow his later ones. What I didn't know was the suspicions in existence of the dangers of the MMR and it's suspected link to autism. His first MMR was his last.

My question is this: Why does the government pay to immunize thousands of uninsured children and subsidize new vaccine research, only to pay millions in vaccine damage compensation, and pay for the care of the thousands of children who need lifelong care following their early damage? All of my son's therapies are covered by the state and there are countless people who manage the files of all the children like him. Further, there are many adults in "homes," and many of today's children will wind up in similar facilities all because of vaccine damage. It almost seems like the government is shooting themselves in the foot. I don't expect them to care about my family's pain and suffering, but money is a language they can understand, or so I thought. Someone explain to me: WHY!!!!??????? Why didn't I research? Why does our government do this to its own citizens? Why?

Keep up the good work. We need to educate everyone. I will do my part. May I put a link to your website on mine? (Mine is just a personal site, pictures of my kids, etc.) Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your letter. Perhaps it will save other lives. Yes, the madness must end. Of course you may add a link from your site to ours.

IS OUR GOVERNMENT KILLING OUR CHILDREN? Hello, I am a homeopath and I'd like to ask you to do an extensive report on the problems of vaccination side effects. This is a subject that has touched my own family. My brother and my sister in-law had a baby recently. This baby had his vaccine shots at 3 1/2 months. The mother was never informed on the possible side effects, some potentially so dangerous that brain damage or death could occur. I got a call from the mother three days after the vaccines: "What's wrong with (the baby)!" He was vomiting, extremely irritable, had not slept for three days, screaming, whining, having right-sided convulsions, and refusing to drink the mother's breast milk. I asked only two questions: Was he vaccinated, and when? She said, "He had polio, meningitis, hepatitis and DPT. Immediately after, all the symptoms started to develop. On the 3rd day, the violent seizures started." I told her to take the baby to the emergency hospital. I met them there; the doctor on staff recorded the vaccines the baby had on hospital files. Tests were done (blood, urine, and a CAT scan). The brain scan showed a cerebral hemorrhage the size of a golf ball. All doctors at both hospitals (the Medical Center and Children's Hospital) denied the brain damage was from the vaccines, claiming he was born with it! They wanted to do brain surgery ASAP. All of this was happening so fast! When you held this little baby you could feel the violent contractions in his tiny body and the pain he was going through. His body felt like it was short-circuiting itself, like something very powerful had invaded his entire body.

I would like to help out others with homeopathy. The only thing that saved this baby's life was a few remedies. I didn't let the hospital know what I was doing, but had the permission of both parents to administer the homeopathic remedies. Within 20 minutes we witnessed a remarkable change. The baby fell into a deep sleep (after convulsing 24 hours). When he woke, all was fine. All the needed CAT scans were done to prove the cerebral hemorrhage had stopped. Allopathic MD's will all play dumb when it comes to the relationship between vaccines and seizures. My wish is to tell as many parents as possible.

Thanks for your comments. The vaccine dilemma is out of control. Doctors deny all correlations. Best wishes helping others with homeopathic remedies.

I am writing because I have an unusual problem. My 5-month-old daughter got her shots on Friday. They were her 2nd set. On Monday, her fever was staying in the 103 degree range. I gave her Tylenol. On Tuesday morning her fever was in the 99 degree range. On Tuesday night her fever was 103.3. We gave her more Tylenol and a body temperature bath. Fifteen minutes later her fever was down to 103. But 15 minutes later it shot up to 105. We rushed her to the emergency room and they did blood tests, chest x-rays and urine tests. They all came back fine, and they said that she probably had a virus. Well, on Monday her fever only got up to 99.2. This morning, I checked it and it was 100.2. But then when I changed her diaper I noticed that she had a rash all over her back, stomach and head. I took her to her doctor and he said that she has roseola. He said that it is a virus and could have caused the fever. He said that most reactions to shots happen within 72 hours. But, he said that there was no way we could be certain that the shots weren't to blame for the fever. He said that if it was what caused the fever of 105, it could be worse with another dose. But, he also said that if she gets whooping cough that it could be deadly. He said that it was a hard decision and that he was going to leave it up to me. She isn't due for more shots until January but I am trying to get all of the advice and information I can get before that time so that I can make the best choice. If it helps, I have five older children and the worst reaction any of them had to the shot was really sore legs, and the rest didn't have any reactions that I could notice. Please send me all of the information you can to help me.

Your problem is not "unusual," as you state; it is quite common. In fact, we receive emails just like yours almost everyday. Your child had a serious reaction to the previous shots and may be high-risk for a life-threatening serious reaction if you insist on continuing the shots. You must call 1-800-822-7967 to report this reaction, and you should be extremely cautious about "advice" and other information that you receive from your doctor. Doctors almost NEVER admit a reaction, and will lie to cover up the truth. Best wishes.

My niece just got her shots for kindergarten last week and had a very scary reaction to them. After leaving the health office and going to the car she told her mother that she felt sick to her stomach and then passed out. She stopped breathing and wet her pants. Then her body started jerking. Her mother ran back into the office and they couldn't find a pulse. They were getting ready to start CPR and had called 911. Then she woke up. Her speech was not right at first and her heartbeat was irregular. They took her to the hospital and said that she was just afraid of the shots. I don't think so. What do you think?

Your niece had a serious reaction to the vaccines, and is high risk for permanent damage if she receives them again in the future. The "jerking" that you describe is seizures -- neurological damage -- resulting from the shots. The culprits who said that she was merely afraid of the shots should be put in jail for their deception.

This reaction must be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) by calling: 1-800-822-7967. The parents of this little girl should begin documenting EVERYTHING associated with this event, including dates, times, comments, etc. They should also keep an eye on her for possible changes. They would be wise to educate themselves on vaccines, preferably from alternative sources. Best wishes to everyone involved.

I wanted to let you know that I almost killed my own daughter by allowing her pediatrician to give her shots. At birth, my baby could already hold her head up and look around. She displayed numerous signs of being a gifted child. She scored a 10 on the apgar test.

When she was two months old, we took her to her monthly well checkup. What happened there I will never forget, and I will tell everyone I know for the rest of my life to inform them of the dangers of these "immunizations." The first thing they did to my poor baby was give her a live polio vaccine down her throat, then they jabbed a needle in her right leg, and then jabbed another needle in her left leg. She screamed like never before. Sure, needles hurt, and she will cry, but this cry was much different than any cry she has ever had before. We took her home believing what the doctor had told us. Later that night, she began to act so much different than normal. Her high-pitched screams shrieked so painfully, and her little tears could have made a river rise. Her breathing was shallow, she could only pant, unable to catch her breath. We called the "doctor" (I use that term lightly), and we were told that this was normal, and that we would have to call back during normal office hours because they were closing.

Let me just say this, we are lucky that our daughter is still here with us, where she belongs. Needless to say, I am now well informed on "immunizations," and will never allow another doctor to jeopardize her precious life. I hope every parent will study all materials on this subject to make an informed decision on giving their child vaccinations.

Thanks for sharing your story. Sadly, it is a common one. I applaud you for waking up and informing other parents. Good luck.

Please help me. I am supposed to take my 7-month-old son to the doctor in the next couple of days for his DTP, polio and some other shots. I will explain to you his health from the beginning. My baby was born full term. He was a perfect breast-fed baby for the first two months of his life. At two months old he received his first immunizations. I remember his right thigh swelling up horribly and leaving a big hard spot for weeks. But this was when the inconsolable crying started. I thought he had colic. I gave up nursing about a week later and started formula. My husband and I dealt with the "colic"; my 2-year-old daughter had it and we thought we could just ride it out.

At four months, our son had another round of shots. This is when the real trouble began. He was very fussy that day after the shots, and was beginning to have trouble breathing. I thought he was having an allergic reaction to the shots. I called the doctor and they recommended Tylenol. At about 2:00 am (after about 12 hours of constant crying and taking no fluids), I rushed him to emergency. I was practically laughed out of the ER. The nurses said all babies have trouble with shots, but we will let you see a doctor. The doctor wanted to rule out pneumonia, so they did a chest X-ray. They came back saying he had pneumonia. He was hospitalized for three days. I brought him home on antibiotics. I reported to the family doctor one week later and had another chest X-ray, was told he still has pneumonia; there has been no change.

Our son was still very fussy, crying basically until he passed out from exhaustion, although he was eating. After a 2nd visit to the doctor's office and another X-ray, our doctor became worried because there was still no change in the right lung and he still had pneumonia. I was referred to a pulmonary specialist. Our pulmonary specialist said that he thought this was a thymus on his right lung but could be a hematoma. We had a broncioscopy done, finding asthma, and also a bacteria growing in his right lung. "Another round of 21 days should clear the bacteria, and breathing treatments four times a day with a breathing machine will help the asthma. You should see a gastrointestinal doctor."

Our son has a lot of trouble swallowing his milk; he coughs and gags through most of it. Soon after, he began having seizure-like symptoms. His whole body was trembling and his eyes stared off as though he couldn't see you. He balled his hands up and would be unresponsive for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. Back to the ER. He was seizuring when I arrived. The ER staff took over and began an IV with Dilantin and also Phenobarb. The seizures stopped and he was hospitalized again for three days. The pediatric internist told us he thought it was reflux, and there is a syndrome called Sandifers syndrome that will send your body into tremors when the reflux is real bad. Our baby had a CAT scan of the chest. They stated they were 99% sure his lung problem was a thymus. An MRI and an EEG told us his brain was not having seizure activity. Now, on to the gastro specialist. An endoscopy shows the reflux is not bad enough for him to have tremors. Our baby is still being treated with Propulsid, Zantac, and Phenobarbitol each and every day. We are not sure if this is helping. He still has some seizure-like activity, but after two EEGs coming back normal we don't know what to do. Occasionally he balls his hands up in his sleep, and his head will shake, but you can bring him out of it quite quickly and he is very responsive. He also spends hours a day with his arms out to his sides, and blowing spit bubbles. Some doctors say this is abnormal too. Our baby is seven months old now. I spend every night sleeping with him for fear something else is going to happen. He only sleeps about two to three hours at a time and is very restless.

Like I said, today is Thursday and I am supposed to take him to have his 6-month immunizations tomorrow. Please give me some advice. Thank you for your time.

Here is my brief summary of your predicament: Your son had a serious reaction to his first set of shots. You observed this correlation yet agreed to a second set of shots. You then described in great detail his life-threatening reactions to his second set of shots. Now you want advice on whether or not he should receive a third set of shots.

We are always amazed when mothers (and fathers) relinquish responsibility for their baby's welfare. Doctors know best, family and friends know best, internet "experts" know best -- everyone except for the true custodian of the innocent child. When did mothers lose their maternal impulses, their mama-bear protective instincts? When did we as a nation so completely disempower parents so that they can no longer see clearly the differences between good and evil, even when harm is so blatantly inflicted on our helpless children?

I'm sorry, but I waver between compassion and outrage at the current state of affairs. Your letter is typical of parents who have been suckered into a huge, corrupt lie. Our babies are caught in the crossfire, while moms and dads merely want what is best for their loved ones. Please read between the lines where I'm sure you will find your answer.

On Friday, May 23rd, I took my 16-month-old daughter to the doctor for a routine checkup. It was there that the doctor administered the MMR shot and the last of her DTaP. Today, June 5th, I just brought her home from the hospital after an overnight stay. Less than two weeks after her shots I had to rush her to the hospital for having a febrile (fever) seizure. For an entire week she had fevers between 99 and 101 and on Tuesday 5:45am, it started when she woke up in agonizing pain with a high pitch-scream. She was also holding her head. I called her doctor, gave her children's ibuprofen, purified water, and comforted her for almost 5 hours.

Once we arrived at the office she was again playful and her symptoms were treated as an ear infection, however she was never diagnosed because her ears and throat were fine. That night she went to bed as normal but woke up 3:30am crying (not so badly). I comforted her and noticed her fever once more (100.5). I then gave her the ibuprofen, some water and a cookie. She dropped the cookie as if it were not there and gave me a blank stare. For what seemed like an eternity she was not responsive and did not cry or speak. I called my mother who was in the living room and then 911. I tried to contain myself once the EMT assured me that it was a seizure she was having. Once she got to the ER, she slept, as do most seizure patients. However, I noticed her odd breathing and my mother noticed her low oxygen level on the machines. Soon after, the ER staff came to her aid. She had suffered another seizure and this time she had stopped breathing altogether. My mother stayed by her side but I was in hysterics and was told to step outside. Until she woke up she could not breathe on her own but remained in stable condition. Eventually she woke up and was transferred into the main children's hospital. She received test after test to determine the cause of the seizures. They told me nothing, and doctors had no clue but assured me that it was a virus, fever and perhaps "something" hereditary combined. Her CAT scan, blood work and urine cultures came back normal but her EEG readings were not.

My daughter was born a healthy baby, full-term, vaginal and breastfed for 13 months. I had experienced the shot "recovery routine" with her prior shots: fever, diarrhea, discomfort and so on. However this time pushed me over the limit. I have been told over and over the benefits outweigh the risks story, but do they? After I brought her home I looked on this website and others about the effects of vaccines and I am shocked and pissed at myself for not knowing any of this sooner. It hurts to know that others suffered so much, and the fact that the government and doctors don't see some kind of connection is astonishing and scary. I pray she lives the rest of her life healthy despite my ignorance. But it is not always the fault of these parents of the stories I've heard, or my own. It belongs to the pediatricians and government who give you the benefits speech and who sweep everything under the rug once something like this arrives. This is why I had to change pediatricians because they bully you into these vaccines and almost laugh at you and mock you when you try to talk to them or express concern. My baby used to be a happy, healthy baby but now she is fussy all the time and can't keep her attention on one thing for too long. I hope it does not progress, whatever the problem(s) may be. My heart goes out to the parents who went through something like this and to those new and expecting parents. Please be careful about what goes inside of your child's body.

Thank you for sharing your story. It will help other parents to become more informed. Best wishes for you and your family.

Our beautiful daughter was born in February and died in April. What was unusual was that on the day that she died, I had taken her to the military base hospital for her two-month checkup. The doctor told me that she was just perfect. Then the doctor said that she needed four shots. I replied Four!? She assured me that it was completely normal and that it was better to give her all at such an early age (because she wouldn't remember the shots). That evening after feeding her, we laid her down to sleep and checked on her 45 minutes later. She was dead. I told the police, coroner and investigators that I thought it was the shots because she was perfectly fine that day and before the shots. But after three weeks we finally got an answer from the autopsy that it was indeed SIDS. To this day I believe that it was the shots and no one can convince me otherwise.

Thank you for sharing your story. It is truly heart-breaking, yet it is a story that is repeated to us time and again. Your child was killed by the shots and everyone involved denies it. Please browse through our website to better understand what occurred. Good luck on your healing.

P.S. Please be sure to file a report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): 1-800-822-7967. You may wish to investigate legal compensation as well.

I am the father of a 3-year-old boy that was struck with Guillain-Barre' syndrome (GBS). My question is about the possible link with vaccinations given to him six weeks before. The GBS has left him almost totally paralyzed.

He received on the same occasion, polio, hepatitis B, and DPT. He was 13 months at the time. We as parents are convinced that the vaccinations caused a neurological imbalance that later showed up as GBS! Are there others that have been struck in the same way?

Please, we are preparing a lawsuit, if we can find the energy to, but need some evidence of others having neurological symptoms to show. We live in Sweden and are desperately trying to locate a lawyer willing to take the case. Thanks in advance.

Neurological disorders are common following the administration of vaccines. They are listed in the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) at the library. Hepatitis B is now being linked to multiple sclerosis, and similar diagnoses by doctors (i.e., GBS) should be considered as very likely associated with the shots. Our website lists several vaccine lawyers who may be able to help. Also, contact Dr. Viera Scheibner in Australia as an expert witness on your behalf: (Phone) 61-247-87-8203 or (FAX) 61-247-87-8988. Good luck.

God Bless all of the parents and children that have been going thru these horrendous ordeals and God Bless your whole organization. Please don't give up. My baby developed GERD, KIDNEY REFLUX LEVEL 1 TO 2, NONSTOP EAR INFECTIONS, STOPPED NURSING, AND STOPPED SLEEPING FOR MORE THAN 2 MINUTES AT A TIME, STARTED REGRESSING, LOSING WEIGHT AND INTEREST IN THE WORLD to name just a few of the horrors that she's been thru. It all started at 2 months old after all her shots were administered.

She was supposed to have an MRI of her brain because a growth on her right brain was suspected. She was usually on 3 to 4 different medicines a week, most of them antibiotics. Our story is too long and detailed for here, but there is so much we have learned that we want to share with all of you. My beautiful healthy baby girl became a horribly sick child overnight. She will be 3 on July 22, and she is very healthy now. We put her on raw milk with raw butter, raw cream, and raw honey. All of this is added to your child's milk in very small amounts at first and is quite delicious. Don't be afraid; raw doesn't mean dirty. The milk is sterilized by being warmed to a certain temperature but is never boiled. The health-giving enzymes are left intact. I was terrified for the first 24 hours after giving it to her but I was losing the battle for her health and was quite desperate. Our children's brains are starved for raw, natural fats. The toxic heavy metals from the vaccines have implanted themselves in our children's brains and are causing motor development problems, ADD, autism, and all types of neurological diseases, as well as serious infections and cancers. Please give it a chance for your children's sake.

My daughter Jelena is living proof that something as simple as food can heal. The raw honey pulls out toxins, the raw butter provides for a smooth exit, the raw cream protects the brain, and the raw milk flushes it all out while repairing the gut and intestines that have been ripped to pieces by antibiotics and the mercury from the vaccines. My daughter drinks 24oz of milk a day. It is her primary food source. Her stomach and intestines are lined with mercury that leaches out with her gastric juices after she eats, so she doesn't like to eat much. She is very tall for her age and is a good 42lbs., all muscle, thanks to the raw dairy. Her milkshake for the past year and a half consists of raw milk, raw honey, raw cream, raw egg (her source of protein), and raw propolis powder (a natural antibiotic and immune system strengthener). She speaks 2 languages, memorizes songs, stories, and has a very good sense of humor. We are very blessed, and I wish to share our blessings with all of you. She has had cranial osteopathy and consegrity treatments that have helped greatly. Pure water and pure air is very important. These are all simple things and are much cheaper than all those doctor visits. We've been there.

I also have to mention that the children need to take baths every night, 10 minutes is enough and will help their bodies detoxify. There are organic therapeutic grade essential oils for the treatment and CURING of all of these problems. Essential oils can pass the blood-brain barrier, and their effects are astounding. We have a baby cousin in Europe that started developing tumor-like growths all over his beautiful little body after vaccination, within a week of his birth. His liver became enlarged and he was having high fevers. We sent him 2 bottles of Frankincense oils and 2 of lavender. The growths are shrinking and his liver is back to normal. He is gaining weight and sleeping well. God has given us so many gifts and we've been very blessed to find ours before it was too late. Please, anyone that wants any information email me at Contact Us and I will be more than glad to share what I have learned. My heart goes out to all of you and I wish to help and introduce you to all the caring people that have helped us. With God, anything is possible. Your children will be well again. God Bless you all and all your beautiful little children. We are in this together.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights.

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