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Healthy Unvaccinated Children

Letters of Appreciation

Dear Thinktwice:
I am very happy to share with you the following information. Let me start from the beginning. Ten years ago my sister met her future husband who informed her that if they planned on having kids they would not be getting any vaccinations. She said, "We will see about that." Well, for the next two years she researched this information, of course looking at pros and cons of vaccinating and nonvaccinating, and came to the agreeing decision NOT to vaccinate. Soon thereafter, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. When she informed my parents of this decision they thought she was crazy, but for the next three years she and my parents were still looking into this CHOICE she had made. Then, my other sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and after looking into it herself for many years she and her fiance also did not vaccinate. To make a long story short, they both have two kids, now 8yrs and 2yrs; 4yrs and 1yr. I also have a little boy who is 20 months. Our cousin has three kids: 5yrs, 3yrs, and 1yr. Our aunt has four kids: 9yrs, 7yrs, 5yrs and 3yrs. And two friends of the family each have one-year-olds. The point of the story is that none of these children are vaccinated, none have any health problems, most of them have never even needed to go to the doctors except for a couple of broken bones, and they are well ahead of most kids' learning skills. People say they act two years older than their ages. And the ones that are old enough to be in school ARE in school with NO problems. We are big fans of your website. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

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