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      This webpage provides educational videos on vaccines. (Many of the videos were removed by YouTube.)

      Dr. Sam Eggertson, MD has been a family physician for 35 years. He was pro-vaccine until he decided to investigate vaccines. Here is a video of his findings:

Miller's Review

Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
400 Important Scientific Papers
Summarized for Parents and Researchers

by Neil Z. Miller

Foreword by Gary Goldman, PhD

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Many people sincerely believe that all vaccines are safe, adverse reactions are rare, and no peer-reviewed scientific studies exist showing that vaccines can cause harm. This book -- Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies -- provides the other side of the story that is not commonly told. It contains summaries of 400 important scientific papers to help parents and researchers enhance their understanding of vaccinations.

"This book should be required reading for every doctor, medical student and parent. Reading this book will allow you to make better choices when considering vaccination."
--David Brownstein, MD

"Neil Miller's book is a tour de force and a clarion voice championing the cautionary principle: 'When in doubt, minimize risk.' Let's talk science. Read this book. The truth will keep you and your children protected." --Bradford S. Weeks, MD

"This is a well-researched work that raises a number of important considerations about our current vaccination practices. Through studies with commentaries, the reader is led on a journey that bypasses the typical myopic view our society has toward vaccines." --Brandon Horn, PhD, JD, LAc, Chief Academic Officer, American University of Complementary Medicine

336 Pages
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