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      Thimerosal contains mercury. It is added to multi-dose vials of vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination when more than one needle is inserted into the vial. In the United States, infants and children received high quantities of mercury from several CDC-recommended vaccines that contained thimerosal -- DTaP, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) -- until about 2002 when thimerosal was removed from most vaccines.

      Today, developed countries continue to inject significant quantities of mercury from thimerosal-containing influenza vaccines into pregnant women, infants and children. In developing nations, infants are still exposed to high quantities of mercury from several thimerosal-containing vaccines. This dubious practice continues because the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that it saves about 15 cents per vaccine dose to manufacture 10-dose vials (with thimerosal) compared to single-dose vials without mercury [Bull World Health Organ 2003; 81(10): 726-31].

      The studies on this webpage provide strong evidence that vaccines containing mercury significantly increase the risk of developmental delay, speech and sleep disorders, mental retardation, and autism. (For a more extensive collection of peer-reviewed studies on the harmful effects of mercury-containing vaccines, read Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies.)

400 Critical Vaccine Studies

    Studies on Mercury in Vaccines:

  • Infants who received vaccines containing mercury had significantly increased odds of being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

  • Infants who received vaccines containing mercury developed speech disorders, sleep disorders and autism. [Unpublished study sponsored by the CDC.]

  • Developmental delays are 3 times more common in children who received vaccines with mercury.

  • Psychomotor development -- the ability to crawl, walk, and run -- is adversely affected by neonatal exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines.

  • Boys who received hepatitis B vaccines with mercury were 9 times more likely than unvaccinated boys to become developmentally disabled.

  • Rates of autism and mental retardation were 6 times higher in children who received DTaP vaccines with thimerosal.

  • A CDC-sponsored database shows significant links between thimerosal in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Young rats injected with thimerosal in doses equivalent to those used in infant vaccines developed severe brain pathologies.

  • Brain injuries can be induced in rats by injecting them with thimerosal.

  • Newborn monkeys that received a thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine had significant delays in neonatal reflexes and neurological development.

  • 180 studies provide evidence that thimerosal is dangerous; thimerosal-containing vaccines are unsafe for humans.

  • Six CDC studies showing that mercury in vaccines is safe are unreliable and provide evidence of scientific malfeasance.

    Miller's Review

    Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
    400 Important Scientific Papers
    Summarized for Parents and Researchers

    by Neil Z. Miller

    Foreword by Gary Goldman, PhD

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    Many people sincerely believe that all vaccines are safe, adverse reactions are rare, and no peer-reviewed scientific studies exist showing that vaccines can cause harm. This book -- Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies -- provides the other side of the story that is not commonly told. It contains summaries of 400 important scientific papers to help parents and researchers enhance their understanding of vaccinations.

    "This book should be required reading for every doctor, medical student and parent. Reading this book will allow you to make better choices when considering vaccination."
    --David Brownstein, MD

    "Neil Miller's book is a tour de force and a clarion voice championing the cautionary principle: 'When in doubt, minimize risk.' Let's talk science. Read this book. The truth will keep you and your children protected." --Bradford S. Weeks, MD

    "This is a well-researched work that raises a number of important considerations about our current vaccination practices. Through studies with commentaries, the reader is led on a journey that bypasses the typical myopic view our society has toward vaccines." --Brandon Horn, PhD, JD, LAc, Chief Academic Officer, American University of Complementary Medicine

    336 Pages
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