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Military Vaccines
Questions and Responses

      The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute receives email from Gulf War vets and other military personnel seeking ways to avoid mandatory vaccines in the armed services. Many vets contact us because they were damaged by the anthrax vaccine or by a combination cocktail of forced experimental vaccines. These vaccine-damaged vets need remedies for their health ailments and support from people who understand their plight. We recommend contacting the American Gulf War Veteran's Association or the National Gulf War Resource Center. Randi Airola, Gulf War vet, is also knowledgable in this field, and is an excellent resource for additional information. She may be contacted by email: Randi Airola.

Some questions and comments from military personnel are posted below.

Q. I am a veteran who just got out of the U.S. Navy. I was forced against my will to receive the anthrax and smallpox vaccines. My only other option was DISHONORABLE discharge which would take away every benefit of being a veteran, making my service pointless. When I was vaccinated with anthrax I started going bald, my eyesight went from 20/30 to 20/80 (in two months) and I started getting severe stomache cramps and migraine headaches. A few weeks after my third anthrax shot I recieved my smallpox vaccine. Again, migraine headaches and stomache aches. I have always been in great health and standing until then.

I went to medical to submit an adverse event form and I was told I cannot. I was told my hair fell out because it was genetic (note this occurred when I was 22 and nobody on either side of my family is bald), I was told my eyesight changed because I work with computers, and I was told that my headaches were from stress and my stomach aches were from the change to Navy food on a daily basis (all this occurred in a few months' timespan). They said I could NOT submit an adverse reaction form. The only place I could notate this was when I separated from the military, and I put all this information in my medical separation page. This comes as little consolation to me as my hair has continued to thin, my eyes have worsened, I still have migraine headaches, and my stomache still hurts constantly.

I did some reasearch and you cannot vaccinate against airborne anthrax. Nobody has or can create a vaccine for the lungs, and inhalation anthrax is why we recieved the vaccine. I am only protected from ingestion (which would imply food poisoning), or cutaneous, which if I stay within the ship, a missile with anthrax couldn't infect me there. So using common sense, they weren't worried about Saddam launching a missile, they were worried about food poisoning or on-board terrorism. Also, I learned that many people on the ship that were "buddy-buddy" with the doc onboard didn't have to get anthrax or smallpox vaccines. Surely the doc with an MD would not put his friends at risk like this unless he knew it wasn't necessary! I smell the stink of government conspiracy all over these vaccinations.

To sum it up, I would rather have received a DISHONORABLE discharge than poison, I would have outlet to the media in my homestate (MN) and made a spectacle, then got my benefits reinstated. Currently, no employer has asked to see my DD-214 which proves my honorable discharge. I got a house but the VA load was worse off than a regular 30-year fixed loan so I didn't use the benefits there, and my current work gives tuition reimbursement so I don't even need my GI bill for college. My benefits are worthless to me, and now I am stuck with the side effects of poison because I placed my trust in man and not God. I would encourage all people in the military to not get the shot, get the dishonorable discharge, petition for reinstatement. They tell you you'll be McDonalds bound, but my current employer only knows that I served for 5 years, not what type of discharge I received. How many employers are not going to hire you because you didn't want anthrax in your body? They will ALL still hire you. It's not like you were kicked out of the military for insubordination, assualt, robbery, disorderly conduct...you refused poison, they'll understand! Don't listen to the scare tactics that you'll be flippin' burgers for the rest of your life because of your dishonorable discharge. If it's because of refusal to take poison, they'll understand.

A. We're sorry to hear about your experience. Sadly, it is a story that we hear all too often. Please visit our military vaccines link and contact the organizations listed for help with your health condition. Good luck.

Q. I am in the Army and I am currently refusing the anthrax vaccine. I don't feel it has been proven safe. I need any information that may help put a shred of doubt into my Battalion Commander's head so he will not order me held down and forcefully injected. Please help by providing information. Thank you.

Q. My husband plans to disobey a lawful order and pay the price since he will be ordered to take the anthrax vaccine. We feel the government is NOT giving all the facts, and there are so many unknown facts about the side effects and infertility. It's sad to say, but with the vaccine coming up so close, today was the first and only educational class that the Marines attended. It also bothers me a great deal that there was no formal or informal invitation for the families of the servicemen and women to attend. Unfortunately, almost everything is written by the Department of Defense, so we will be fighting this alone. If there is any information on this topic that you can forward to us, it would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.

Q. My son is active duty in the U.S. Marine Corp, stationed in California. He called this evening with a concern about the mandatory anthrax vaccine to be given soon. I'm looking for possible side effects, such as infertility (he's only 19). Any concrete information? Thank You.

A. We recommend contacting Captain Joyce Riley's American Gulf War Veteran's Association. This organization will provide you with support and valuable information regarding your options.

Q. I have a 30-year-old patient who has been having anxiety attacks and right-handed tremors for approximately 8-9 years. Previous to this, the young man was stationed with the armed forces in Canada from age 17-21. During his time with the forces he never left Canada, however may have been exposed to routine inoculations. Shortly after being discharged at age 21 his symptoms began. CAT scans and MRI are negative, ruling out the possibilty of tumors. My question is: Are there any inoculations that are given in the armed forces that have had side effects related to anxiety disorder and hand tremors? Thanking you in advance for a response.

A. The U.S. military gives a cocktail of shots ranging from anthrax and botulism to yellow fever. I don't know which inoculations the Canadian military demands. They may or may not be recorded in his records. I would start by trying to get a copy of his military health records. You may also want to visit the organizations listed above, or contact one of the Canadian vaccine support organizations listed on our website.

Q. I was phoned by a couple whose children are my clients. They have two sets of kids. Two are in their twenties and in the armed services and two are under the age of 11 years. I am to be seeing the older boy sometime this week because he is coming home on leave this evening.

This boy had one anthrax vaccine and was not happy with the way he felt afterwards. His parents told their son that he could refuse the vaccine. He tried to explain this to his superiors. They called it "insubordination" and told him that they would opt him out of the service with a cut in rank and pay over the next 5 months. He said that he understood. Then they explained that he would not be happy at all about the way he will be treated until he is discharged. He said that he understood. He would not be getting the $25,000 that was promised him for college, either. He said that this was a small price to pay for his health. All of this was told to him slowly over several days of having to come in to speak with this superior officer, and then his leave was canceled and then delayed. Back and forth and back and forth -- playing head games with him. He would have a scheduled appointment to see the officer and then would hang around for 30 to 45 minutes waiting for him, only to be told that he could not see him today, reschedule for the following day. This went on for several more days. Then, when he finally got to see him, the officer asked if he had reconsidered accepting the vaccine. When he told him that he had not changed his mind, the officer threatened him with court martial, saying that he would spend the rest of his ten months of service in the brig and that he would be forceably vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine anyway. The boy asked for a paper that stated that he was forceably vaccinated against his will with the anthrax. They refused to give him anything but the vaccination and the court martial. They gave him his leave and told him to think about it and have an answer when he returned to duty after the vacation.

His sister, who is also in the service and gave birth to her first child 3 weeks ago, told him that she had been vaccinating service personnel for the past 3 months. Whenever anyone refused the anthrax or any other vaccine, they were forceably held down and vaccinated anyway. She said that they had two large servicemen there standing by just for that purpose. Those who refused were kicked or struck, and were screaming and kicking. But they were vaccinated nonetheless. She said that there was no way to get out of it.

I thought that I would share this with you. Take care, and thanks for all of your help.

A. Thanks for sharing that with us. I will post it on our website for others to read. [Several Congressional hearings recently investigated and documented (but were unable to stop) the abuses noted above.]

Q. Maybe the pharmacutical companies should have had the troops sign waivers when they made the immunizations that got the vets sick because yours truly and her husband -- along with roughly five thousand other litigants -- are suing these companies in the largest civil lawsuit in the history of the United States, and this is only one out of several lawsuits. My husband took the antrax, botulism, and many other vaccines, and he has paid for it today. But there were no waivers, and we found out who made the chemicals and bio's, so now we can go after them.

A. I am sorry to hear that your husband was one of the many vets damaged by forced vaccinations. Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck on the lawsuit.

Nov. 3, 1999

It saddens me the way our Department of Defense has treated members of the armed services. The people that serve in the military should be respected and honored for having the guts to defend our country from our enemies. If these people didn't exist, do you think you would be living the nice lifestyle you live now or have the freedoms that you do? Everyone should congratulate and thank these individuals every time they see them.

I served in the Marine Corps for two years before I was discharged. I wasn't discharged for drugs, drinking, or disciplinary behavior. I didn't have one, single, solitary black mark on my record. All I did was refuse to take a shot that isn't proven to be safe or effective. After I refused the shot, not one superior asked to help me gather information to help with my decision. This showed me that I couldn't count on my superiors for any kind of help. I was on my own. The only thing I received from my superiors was threats of outrageous punishments.

I was taken from my platoon, forced to do demeaning work, denied my SILT (separation in lieu of trial), and denied the right to testify at one of Rep. Christopher Shays' hearings concerning the anthrax vaccine. I was denied every witness and every piece of evidence at my court martial, thrown into the Marine Corps Brig, and given a Bad Conduct Discharge. All this for refusing to take a shot. If I would have taken drugs I would have received less punishment. Since I stood up for what I believe in I was railroaded in court and convicted without a real trial. The Judge ruled the safety of the vaccine irrelevant and that the lawfulness of the order could not be adjudicated. The Judge denied us everything and busted one of us down for taking the stand in his own defense. The Marine Corps said that it isn't about refusing to take a shot, its about refusing a direct order. If I am so adept at refusing orders, why did I comply with every order I was given before and after I refused the shot? Why was I given a worse punishment than someone who had taken drugs? Why was I given such an outrageous punishment, when for two years I have not had one disciplinary problem? Why didn't one superior come to my court-martial and tell the court that I held three key billets in my platoon and that I have an impeccable record, even a letter of appreciation? I can't quite describe how I felt when my own government turned against me.

I think the Department of Defense should be ashamed of thinking no more of the military than to be their test subjects. The Department of Defense tells everyone that the shot is safe and effective but they are unwilling to back up their claims with any documentation other than government-biased DOD propaganda. Where are the published and peer reviewed documents? Why is it that a large number of service members that have been perfectly healthy became ill all of a sudden? The common denominator is the anthrax shot. Why weren't the four preconditions met before implementing the AVIP program? Why do we have a president and secretary of defense with a combined military background of nothing controlling the military? The DOD would like us to think that we don't know what we are talking about and that this whole subject is over our heads. All the DOD has to say is that the information is classified and people will buy that pitiful excuse. This isn't rocket science, and with the president giving away our encryption codes to another country, why wouldn't they give this supposed classified anthrax information to fellow Americans? With all the controversy over this shot why wouldn't the government say that they will hold the shots until they can look into it further? Why are they forcing the military to take shots that were made in a factory that was going to be shut down by the FDA? Why did the government pay to have the privately owned factory renovated with taxpayers money? Why is BioPort the only manufacturer of the anthrax vaccine? I thought monopolies were illegal. Why did BioPort ask for more money? If they can't live up to their contract why weren't they dropped? Is that because someone stands to make a lot of money off this vaccine? Is it because the president read a book about chemical warfare and selfishly implemented a program before looking into the possible problems? Where are the checks and balances that should exist?

I still believe that America is the best country, but it could be better. Where is the honor and integrity that should exist? Do these things mean nothing anymore? Last I checked we were all on the same team. All that needs to be done is to remove a few bad apples, and for the people in the government to remember that they represent the people in America. Just because I signed that dotted line and swore an oath doesn't mean I gave up my constitutional rights. There is something seriously wrong here. Why do you think the services are having a hard time reaching their recruitment goals? In fact, the Marines is the only service that has fulfilled their recruitment goal. I wish that honor, integrity, and courage stood for something these days, but unfortunately they don't. I wish that I could say that I am proud of my government, but I can't. I wish I could say I am still a Marine, but unfortunately I have been discharged. I wish in this country that you could stand up for what you think is right and be rewarded for it. Instead, if you use drugs you are considered to be a better person and not punished as harshly as if you stood up for something you believe in.

In my court-martial I plead not guilty and I still stand by that today. Even if I would have gotten a lesser sentence by pleading guilty I still would have plead not guilty. Now I have to live with a Bad Conduct Discharge. I was told the only reason I didn't get a Dishonorable Discharge was because in a special court-martial the maximum is a Bad Conduct.

So, for all those drug users out there, the military is for you. If you are in the habit of thinking for yourself and you have enough courage to stand up for what you believe in, the military doesn't want you.

Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations. My intention was not to offend but to seek answers to so many unanswered questions. I am searching for something that makes what has happened to me and so many others make sense. This should not be happening in our great country. I am seeking an end to these shots, my discharge upgraded, my conviction overturned, and Executive Order #13139 reversed.

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