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Vaccine Guide
for Dogs and Cats
What Every Pet Lover
Should Know

By Catherine J. M. Diodati, MA

[Animal Vaccine Book]

Pet Lovers: Now You Can Make
Informed Decisions!

This comprehensive vaccine resource
includes hundreds of studies!

Canine and Feline Vaccine Tables
and an
Extensive Bibliography

      Veterinary vaccines are given to prevent disease, yet studies show that they are often debilitating and fatal. They have been linked to autoimmune and neurological disorders, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, tumors, seizures, allergies, digestive problems, organ failure, and many other serious ailments. For example:

* Brandy, an English springer spaniel, developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia after his rabies vaccine.
* Bean, a domestic short hair, developed recurring injection-site tumors (cancer) after her annual feline leukemia shots.
* Waylon, a Brindle Great Dane, developed repetitive and destructive behavior patterns (similar to vaccine-induced autism in children) after his booster vaccines.
* Yoda, a Russian blue, developed allergies, bloody diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome after her combined vaccines.
* Midas, a Labrador retriever, developed seizures, arthritis and cancer after his booster shots.

      Many veterinarians, both conventional and holistic, are questioning the validity of annual revaccination. They are moving away from this arbitrary recommendation which is unsupported by science. Many also refuse to use certain vaccines because the disease in question is either so benign or rare that the risks associated with vaccination outweigh any promised benefit. This important book provides information on all canine and feline vaccines. It includes several personal stories of vaccine damage to family pets, as well as hundreds of studies documenting veterinary vaccine safety and efficacy problems. It also provides important information on animal vaccine laws and holistic alternatives. As a concerned pet owner, you can now make informed decisions about the health and welfare of your precious four-legged friends.

What Others Are Saying:

"Vaccines are more of a factor in the production of chronic disease in our animals than we have ever anticipated. Veterinarians and pet lovers alike have long needed the information that Catherine Diodati has gathered for us in this book. It is a real gift. Diodati provides us with a comprehensive picture of vaccines -- their development and use -- enabling us to think seriously about this practice. Before this book, we did not know the facts. Ms. Diodati has given us the tools we need to consider this issue intelligently."
--Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, Director, Animal Natural Health Center

"Injection and immunization are not synonymous. The automatic yearly application of [multiple vaccinations] with disregard for the vaccinee's individual life circumstances is a dangerous development."
--American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

"I have recently read the book that you published written by Catherine J. M. Diodati, MA. As a dog breeder, exhibitor, judge and publisher of Canada's oldest independent dog magazine, Canine Review, I was elated to read what Catherine had to say. I have for over 20 years been extremely cautious about vaccinations. In fact, at one point I had a whole generation of my Borzoi that were vaccine-free. These dogs competed, had babies, and lived much healthier lives than previous dogs. Even in my contracts to new puppy buyers I state that if you choose to over-vaccinate I will not guarantee the dog's health. Needless to say, Catherines research -- and the fact that it is now in a book form -- pleases me to no end. Thank you."
--Merla Thomson, Professional Dog Breeder; publisher, Canine Review

"Thank you so much for publishing this book! It means the world to those of us who have had pets go through a debilitating disease because of vaccinations."
--Tammy Kinkade, Pet Lover

"Finally, an educational resource on the problems with 'preventive' medicine! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why drug companies deny vaccine reactions. A special thanks to Catherine Diodati and all the vets who recognize that there are problems. This book will educate the public. Hopefully, our cats will purr once more and our dogs will wag their tails again."
--Darla Lofranco, Professional Animal Breeder, 30 years

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Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats
By Catherine J. M. Diodati, MA
127 pages / Code: ANI $13.95
ISBN: 1-881217-34-5

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