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Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand
How to Raise a Healthy Child by Robert Mendelsohn
Herbal Remedies for Children's Health, Herbs, Holistic Books
Superimmunity for Kids, New Atlantean Books, Thinkchoice

Superimmunity for Kids provides a truly scientific guide to maximum health. Explains to parents how to feed their children so they can stay healthy, maintain peak disease-fighting capacity, and conquer illness most efficiently. Using optimum nutrition and selected supplements, this unique program provides special recommendations for infants, toddlers, school-age kids, and teens. Includes a delicious assortment of recipes, including snacks, soups, breakfasts, and much, much more. Currently not available.


SUPERIMMUNITY FOR KIDS: What to Feed Your Children to Keep Them Healthy Now—and Prevent Disease in the Future.

Leo Galland, MD. 315p. / 17.00


Rosemary Gladstar.

75p. / 8.95

With guidance from Rosemary Gladstar—internationally-known herbalist, mother, and grandmother—you’ll learn how to use herbs such as chamomile, echinacea, and lemon balm to create gentle baby care products that will promote health and well being. She includes dozens of safe, easy-to-prepare herbal formulas for easing the symptoms of childhood colds and flus, diarrhea, constipation, earaches, fevers, and more. The author also includes safety precautions and dosage information. Since 1972, Rosemary Gladstar has been sharing her knowledge, experience, and love of herbs. Beautifully and simply presented, this book is a gem. Currently not available.

Crazy Makers

CRAZY MAKERS: How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children.

Carol Simontacchi. 352. / 16.95

An unprecedented and impeccably reported look at how American food manufacturers and their products may be endangering our minds. This updated edition includes chapters on Building the Infant Brain; Nourishing the Baby's Brain; Feeding Your Child's Brain; Feeding the Autistic Brain; A Case for Optimism; Recipes; and much more. Revised material illustrates just how much the industry has changed in a few short years. Based on extensive research, scientific evidence, and a formal study of school children's eating habits, Carol Simontacchi, a board-certified clinical nutritionist, identifies how the latet food products may be driving us crazy! Currently not available.


Natural and Conventional Treatments

for Infants and Children

By Janet Zand, ND; R. Rountree, MD; R. Walton, RN





556 pages







A Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and

Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children!


This comprehensive childcare manual is a complete guide to the most common childhood disorders and their treatments, using both alternative care and conventional medicine. It provides an overview of the history, fundamentals, and uses of conventional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupressure, diet, and nutritional supplements. It also includes special sections on pregnancy, infant care, vaccinations, and home safety. This encyclopedia of childcare information is a unique guide that will offer you and your family a real choice in health care. Highly recommended.

Currently not available.


of Your Doctor: A Leading Pediatrician Puts Parents Back in Control of Their Children's Health

By Robert Mendelsohn, MD





283 pages







Learn how to diagnose and treat

many common childhood illnesses at home!


Learn how to handle many common childhood ailments without medical interference. Dr. Mendelsohn was a pediatrician who for 30 years recommended vaccines and other standard medical treatments. Over time, he realized the harm these allopathic interventions were causing. He stopped recommending vaccines, warned parents to stay away from medical doctors whenever possible, and started speaking out against his own profession. He was ostracized by the medical community. If you have children, get this book. A 5-Star recommendation. Currently not available.